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MBEI Areas of Focus

What is YUMEI?

MBEI’s institution to create a future of Unity, Camaraderie & Prosperity with the implementation of our  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)-inspired Youth Urban Media Education Initiative/Circle  of Hope (YUMEI).

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YUMEI Agenda and Diagram

MBEI Youth Proactive Agenda copy 7 x 4.5
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What is YCC?

Youth Correspondents Corps (YCC), a component of YUMEI, is our institution to train 9th-12th Grade  Metro Grand Rapids Area High Schools Students for careers in radio broadcasting, television  broadcasting, video production, movie/theatre production, internet content production or publishing. 

This training will empower our students to produce TruthSeeking and TruthSaying media, prepare them  for On-Air media producer roles with the upcoming URBRadio online broadcast platform and prepare  them for collegiate heritage reinforcement, excellence immersion and academic reinforcement via  preparation for attending one of America’s legendary HBCU Diaspora (America’s  100+ Historically Black College/University institutions founded in 1837 to train the public servants,  professionals and faith leaders that would be required for Africentric progress following the Emancipation of Slavery in 1862).

Heritage • History • Intellect • Dignity • Grace

• Fortitude • Unity • Camaraderie • Prosperity


YCC has several programmatic options for High School students, Junior High students, corporate  community-selected students for specialized media production projects as well as College students in  YUMEI institutions including YCC, YCC Preparatory (YCCPrep), YCC Dedicated Instruction  (YCCDI) and Collegiate Correspondents Corps (CCC). 

To obtain a Student Prospect Application and Information Leaflet for either YCC or YCCPrep, please  contact MBEI at and leave a request. Both YCC and YCCPrep intake ends  annually no later than March 15 of the year-at-hand. 

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