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Michigan Black Expo, Inc.(MBEI) was germinated on April 9 of 1994 and incorporated on May 9, 1995 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is designed to 1] establish Metro Grand  Rapids as the west coast of Michigan’s regional hub of  African-descended intellect, culture and commerce to compliment the Detroit hub in the east  and 2] to engage employment creation, racism abatement and the bringing together of a majority of  people by creating a perpetual non-profit industry out of MBEI-branded society enhancement events,  products, services and institutions that collectively embody the most positive elements of the African-descended  Experience.


To engage a perpetual society-enhancement industry of Africentric institutions, services, events and  products that are shaped and informed by the Heritage, History, Intellect, Dignity, Grace, Fortitude, Unity,  Camaraderie and Prosperity guideposts of the Ancestors of the African-descended Experience

MBEI FOUNDERS' DAY Heritage-History-Intellect-Dignity-Grace-Fortitude-Unity-Camaraderie-Pr

MBEI Executive Summary

MBEI was founded originally to administer a series of annual state-level events to create a permanent  funding source for Africentric economic development and social change throughout the State of  Michigan. MBEI’s purpose now has expanded to include consolidating Michigan’s Africentric buying  power with culturally unified MBEI-branded events, products and services as well as positioning the  youth (with an emphasis on at-risk youth) to be the focus of new media- and creativity-based  economies for the State of Michigan. Through MBEI’s Youth Enhancement Division (YED) programs  that are championed by Urban Media/Youth Enhancement Council (UMYE) and its Youth Urban Media  Education Initiative (YUMEI) – including URBRadio, Youth Correspondents Corps (YCC), Youth  Federation (YFed), Youth Music Institute (YMI) and Youth TeleCommunications Institute (YTC) – MBEI  will be able to put the youth in a position to better achieve the bright futures that they deserve by  cultivating and harnessing the enormous creative capital that is latent inside each of them.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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